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LCT’s commitment to our community

Hello Friends,

Landmark Community Theatre stands with our friends, colleagues, artists, patrons and their loved ones, who are afraid and have suffered as a result of racism. We join with those who mourn the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery and all people of color in their fight for equality and justice. We are committed to a shared humanity where every life is equally valued and protected. 

Since our inception, Landmark Community Theatre has beenfully committed to the principles of equity, inclusion and diversity. We understand fully that the quality and relevance of art is dependent on our ability to engage a diverse array of artists and patrons, by employing policies that emphasize these principles. We are committed to providing meaningful and reoccurring opportunities for under-represented voices in ourcommunities to be seen and heard. In that spirit, we will continue to design seasons that employ a diverse array of artists and explore a wide array of themes that are relevant andchallenge the minds of our audience. 

As an organization Landmark will continue our commitment to listen, share stories and create an environment that promote our core values of inclusion, equity, and diversity.

- Gary Kingsbury, LCT Chairman of the Board of Trustees

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