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Koncert Variete Nostalgji

Koncert Variete Nostalgji with Parodistet E Vlores dhe 
Kengetaret Irini Qirjako , Kozma Dushi dhe Era Rusi

Orchestra “Alba” was established in May 2001 from our Artistic Director Edmond Xhani.”Alba” preserves and enriches further our tradition of art and culture. This artistic group consists of professional and very talented musicians with a great and long experience in the stage and interpretation. “Alba” cooperate with all well-known artists of the Albanian stages; singers, musicians, dancers, actors and comedians which provides a variety of entertainment to satisfy our followers. “Alba” has
performed in many stages, in different states in USA, Canada and also in Albania, Greece, Italy, and Australia etc.

October 13, 2018 at 7pm

Premium Seating $70

Value Seating $60