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LCT Youth Theatre Spring Classes

LCT Youth Theatre Spring Classes

LCT is pleased to announce that it will be continuing its theatre education program with classes offered this Spring, beginning February 23rd on Saturday mornings.

Each class will offer developmentally appropriate activities to help students explore theatre arts. Instructors and activities will focus on increasing self-confidence and self-expression through theatre games, character development, storytelling, voice, and movement. Classes will culminate with a showcase production on the main stage on May 11.

Storytelling ~ Grades 1 - 3 (9am - 9:50am)

  • The instructors will have the students explore their imaginations and write their own scene. They will build their characters from the ground up - using theater games, dancing, and drawing techniques to develop the story as a whole. They will then perform their scene for parents/guardians on the final day of class. 

Musical Theatre ~ Grades 4 - 6 (10am - 10:50am)

  • Students will learn songs and scenes from a popular musical theatre production that they will perform for parents on the final day of class. Students will learn how to harmonize in a group, read basic musical notes, and memorize lines. Acting and singing will be the focus of the program.  

Acting & Improv ~ Grades 7 - 9 (11am - 11:50am)

  • Improvisation and acting go hand-in-hand. Students will learn techniques that will assist them in auditions, on stage, comedy, and real life situations. Learning to stay on their toes - instructors will guide them through the basics of improv and acting. A interactive scene will be performed on the final day of class. Great for all experience levels. 

Enrollment: $150

Contact for more information. 


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