David Verdosci - Volunteer Spotlight

David Verdosci - Volunteer Spotlight



    David Verdosci is a lifetime resident of Thomaston and has loved being part of the Thomaston Opera House Family. His car can often be seen parked in front of the theater as he lends his time and talents to help create set designs, painting, working set builds and sometimes standing behind a video camera.
   Working with David on scenic design is always an adventure as anyone who has worked with him knows and his creative energy has no bounds.
Some notable productions are, The King and I, Miracle on 34th Street, Mary Poppins, South Pacific along with many more.
   Recently he took the role of director in Landmarks production of Winnie the Pooh, where he worked with an incredible cast of young people, a great crew of parents and wonderful painters to create a show that the children just loved and still talk about. If there were only two words to describe David's place at the Opera House, they would be friendship and dedication. He always has a spark when he talks about the theater to people he meets and encourages everyone to become part of this very unique place that has enriched so much of our lives here in this small town.

Written and submitted by Emily Verdosci

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