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Upcoming Shows

  • Dead Man's Cellphone

    Donate an old cellphone and get a coupon for $3 off a ticket to our November production of Crimes of the Heart!

    Starts: 4/24/2014

  • Slidin' into Spring

    The premier of the Thomaston Jazz Orchestra, featuring guest artist Ben Griffin

    Starts: 5/24/2014

  • Carrie the Musical

    Support Landmark's youth program and come see a musical production of this cult classic!

    Starts: 6/5/2014

  • Disney's Mary Poppins

    Young Jane and Michael Banks have sent many a nanny packing before Mary Poppins magically arrives on their doorstep!

    Starts: 7/19/2014

  • The BUDDY Holly Show

    The incredible musical legacy of the young man with glasses...

    Starts: 9/20/2014

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